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Introducing Savvy Minerals!

Y’all may have not heard, but Young Living has acquired an amazing makeup company called Savvy Minerals! Now listen, I’m no make up guru by any means and I’ve never been a “makeup girl” but I can see the cracks in the line starting to form. I freaking love this makeup!

I use to be a Bare Minerals, Mac, Kylie (insert kit name here) kind of girl. And those companies are great and I’m not trying to put them down at all. I just found for me that I had to reapply my foundation and eyeliner at least twice every single day. Y’all I no longer have that problem now that I’ve switch to Savvy Minerals!

In case my general excitedness hasn’t made you little excited yourself, here are some more facts about this company and their products!


Here is all the crap that is in a lot of different makeup:

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And here’s what’s in Savvy Minerals:

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About Savvy Mineral Products and Colors ❤

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And sommore goodness:


If y’all are interested in cooperating some or all of these products into your lives here’s how:


To get started with Young Living click here

And as always if you order the Premium Starter Kit I’ll send you a special gift!

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~Alissa Molder