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Theme Parks and Essential Oils

This past August my best fiend and I got to go on our 2nd annual road trip. Since my health hasn’t been to good this past year we’ve only gone as far as Anaheim. But who needs to go further then that really? There’s Disneyland and Hogwarts (or as the muggles call it “Universal Studios”) down there!

Now with not feeling to well I brought a lot (Oh and I mean a lot) of Young Living Products to help me support my body. In this post I’ll only be talking about the essential oils I brought. If I added everything this page will quickly exceed 10,000 words and no one wants that.

Here’s what I brought and how/why I used it 🙂 Enjoy!

IMG_6728 2

As you may have noticed that I brought a lot of the same oils with me. The only difference from those oils is that the one with White labels are labeled for Dietary use (vitality oils if you will) and the others are labeled for Aromatically/Topical use. Same great quality that Young Living offers just a different label 🙂

So going from left to right starting at the bottom there is


Frankincense & Frankincense Vitality 

Frankincense is great for supporting healthy skin and when taking internally can help support you Nervous and Muscular systems.

Grapefruit Vitality

Grapefruit is amazing for supporting weight-management when paired with a healthy diet and exercise .(I walked about 20,000 steps each day so I’m counting that as my “exercise”. And I’m not even going to go into how non-existed my “diet” was with only eating in the parks…)

Melaleuca Quinquene

Great for supporting your skin especially those pesky little spots you get when all you’re eating is junk food and walking around getting really sweaty.

DiGize & DiGize Vitality

Both Excellent for when you eat to much or when you go on to many roller coasters. It also helps your Digestive system.

Orange Vitality and Tangerine

Orange Vitality is not only refreshing and adds a great taste to the not great tasting Los Angels water but it also helps you stay hydrated. And Tangerine is a nice and calming scent to have diffusing in your room or put 1 drop in your hand, rub your hands together, cup your hands around your nose and breathe deep. My Mamma always said that no one can be had when they smell oranges or tangerines!

Lemon & Lemon Vitality

And just like orange, Lemon Vitality oil also helps you stay hydrated. (It also contains the constituent ‘D-limonene’. Copy and paste that word into another tab and see how freaking cool D-limonene is!) And to be honest I just brought the big bottle of Lemon for pictures.

Peppermint & Peppermint Vitality

If I had to play favorites of my beautiful oils, Peppermint is definitely up at the top of the list. I always have Peppermint diffusing in my car when I drive anywhere longer then 30 minutes. It helps you stay focused and awake even without the coffee. And putting a drop of the back of your neck on a hot day can help you cool down. Like DiGize, Peppermint Vitality helps support your Digestive system. It can also be used as a dietary supplement! So needless to say it’s the perfect oil for theme parks.

Lavender & Lavender Vitality

Lavender is so nice to have diffusing after a long day of walking and can help you get some good Zzzzzz’s. Lavender Vitality when combined with Peppermint Vitality and Lemon Vitality can help with *Seasonal Discomfort*

Thieves & Thieves Vitality

These oils are great for supporting your immune system inside and out!

Copaiba Vitality

Copaiba is made from a  tree native to Brazil and is known for its Beta-Caryophylle (once again look it up! trust me it’s worth your time).

Tea Trea

Yet another great oil to help support your skin. I also add a drop or two into my shampoo for extra cleaning and for leaving a magical scent.

Deep Relief

This is the oil, y’all. This is the oil that got me to look twice at essential oils and to give them a try. It works fast to help support your Nervous and Muscular systems and it comes equipped with a handy roller ball! 

Now onto the top! Starting on the left



This is an oil that I use instead of perfume. Abundance combines oils such as lemon and ginger, which were used by ancient cultures to attract prosperity and magnify joy and peace.


Helichrysum is a go to oil in my house. What can’t this oil do? It helps support your Nervous, Skeletal, and Muscular systems. 


As the name would suggest this oil is great for eliminating bad odors.

Stress Away

Again, this one is pretty self explanatory. With kids running around and stepping on your feet, adults pushing you out of the way so that they can have a better stop to see the fireworks, and standing outside when it’s nearly 100 degrees I think just about everyone needs little StressAway!

Dragon Time

Just the name makes me giggle. It’s so appropriately named. How can I explain this… so if you’re a lady from the ages of roughly 13-50, you need this oil for 3-7 days out of the month.

Idaho Balsam Fir

This oil’s woodsy scents reminds me of home when diffused.


Cypress has a fresh, herbaceous aroma that can promote a sense of security and grounding. In other words, this oil also smells woodsy and reminds me of home.

Trauma Life

This oil is near and dear to my heart. I diffuse this every time my family and I go on road trips. It helps keep the teenagers and thus everyone in the car happy. This oil offers support durning difficult emotional exploration.

Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher harnesses the power of positive dreams when diffused. I’m also no longer cranky when I wake up. Coincidence? I think not. (Mental high-five for anyone who got that Incredibles reference.)


Until a month ago Valor was out of stock for 2 years! Those were some dark years of my life. But distance makes the heart grow fonder. This oil helps promote feelings of confidence and positivity. 


Go ahead. Say it outlaid. Sound like another word you know? I thought so. En-R-Gee is always apart of my morning and mid-afternoon routine.


I don’t have as many pictures of these oils as i originally wanted but I’m really happy with the ones that I got.

FullSizeRender 9

Thieves has a whole product line centered around this one oil. It’s excellent at supporting the immune system as well as natural cleaning. These products are absolutely essential for a long day at a park with you, your best friend, and 30,000 other people.

These pictures were taken in front of the Hogwarts Castle in Universal Studios Hollywood. Every Essential Oil Represented a Hogwarts House.

DiGize, Red, Gryffindor

Lemon, Yellow, Hufflepuff

Dragon Time, Green, Slytherin

PanAway, Blue, Ravenclaw

IMG_6712 2

This is my favorite picture that I took on this trip. A Wonderful World of Colors inspired by Essential Oils. This Picture was taken in front of Paradise Pier in Disney’s California Adventure.


And that’s it y’all. I hoped you enjoyed and maybe even learned how else you can use these oils in your travels.

If y’all are interested in starting on your road to wellness here’s a link to get Young Living’s Premium Starter Kit. In this starter kit is 11 oils, a diffuser, a ton of samples of other Young Living Products. The retail Value is over $350 but you’ll get it for just $160. Best part is once you get the kit there is no pressure to ever buy again. (You’ll want to because you’ll see what an awesome product you have) but there are no monthly fees or yearly renewals. This company really prides itself on being about a purpose and not for profit.


As always, Happy Adventures!

~Alissa Molder                                                                                                                                         Young Living #1989255





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