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Premium Starter Kit Diffuser Recipes

Starting this Thursday (September 21st) though the rest of the year, I will be posting weekly Diffuser Blends on Instagram! These blends will be focused around the major holidays that are fast approaching. Since most of the oils used for these blends won’t be from the Premium Starter Kit here are 10 Diffuser Blends only using oils from the PSK 🙂


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Start your day off right with Focus and Energize to, well… stay focused and energized 😀
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Fresh and Clean is perfect to not only neutralize odors but make a space feel warm and inviting.
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Because who doesn’t love flowers? But sometimes flowers don’t love us back.
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I use this a lot because I simply can’t say no to my 11 year old puppy’s big brown eyes when she asks to come up on the couch and snuggle ❤
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Come on? Who couldn’t use a little extra respiratory support?
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This blends helps you center yourself and gives you that quiet minute of reflection even when the whole world is ear piercingly loud around you.
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With StressAway you can feel the worries of today slip away as Peppermint brings you into focus on what’s really important in your life.
Screen Shot 2017-09-16 at 7.08.26 PM
This blend is amazing for winding down and getting ready for bed.
Screen Shot 2017-09-16 at 7.08.42 PM
This blend works well anytime of the day especially when things just seem to be a bit to chaotic.
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As my mom (so delicately) puts it, “You can’t drug your kids to get them to go to sleep but you can give them oils to calm their sweet little souls into a long and restful night’s sleep.”

And as Porky Pig says, “That’s All Folks!”


If you don’t have a Premium Starter Kit (PSK) and would like to try some (or all, don’t lie) of these diffuser blends you can get your PSK right hereYoung Living’s PSK is retailed for over $350 but with a lifetime membership you get it for $160! There are no monthly or even yearly fees. There’s also no pressure to ever order again if you don’t want to. This company prides itself on being for a purpose not for a profit. If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email. I’d love to help you on your road to wellness.



Happy Adventures!

-Alissa Molder

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