Sites and Stops in Colusa, California​

This pasts Presidents Day weekend I got the opportunity to stay in a vacation rental house in Colusa Califonia. A dear friend of mine owns this house and let a few of my friends and I go for a girls weekend getaway.


Y’all this house is the perfect balance of cozy, quaint, spacious and luxurious.


It’s a 4 bedroom 2 bathroom with a spacious kitchen and it has a full bar area. This place is perfect to have your family stay for the week, for a quick weekend getaway, or a women’s/men’s retreat. It’s also right by many hunting lodges. During hunting season many lodges won’t allow women or children to stay the night, so having a home environment close by is absolutely perfect.

Here’s a little video montage. In all the fun and excitement of this weekend, I completely forgot to get video footage of the kitchen, laundry room, and backyard but all of those will be pictured down below. Also, these videos were taken throughout the weekend, so if you see that there were games in the game room or that there were drinks on the counter (like the Club Red drink set) it’s cause well, we used this place well.


Song is Your Hand In Mine by Explosions in the Sky

Here are more pictures around the house


Colusa is a sweet little town of a little over 3,000 people. With this houses 1920’s craftsmen style it brings you back to the good old times where your kids could ride around town on their bikes or where dogs, cats, and chickens had free rein of the yard and surrounding areas to stop and smell, to sunbathe, or to play tag (yes, the neighbor’s cat and chickens often played tag in their front yard. It was the best part of my mornings to watch them going back and forth playing their little games).

Also, the Sacramento River was less than 3 blocks from your porch. They also had so sweet little eateries within walking distance. Like Jeff’s Freezette and Rocco’s on the River.


Located just 3 miles away is Colusa Casino. For first time goers, they give you a $10 off your meal coupon and $10 in free play! Somehow I still lost 50 bucks but I got a free meal out of it? And 4 hours of entertainment so that’s something.

And just over 20 miles away is the city of Yuba. Where they have a whole street dedicated… to Antique Stores. So yea I was basically in heaven.



Aswell as an Antique Mall there was great local eateries and a movie theater where we had to stop and watch Black Panther.


And every night we found ourselves back in the bar/game room area until very late and then I ended each night curled up in the comfiest love seat with a good book.


And that was my weekend. Let me know how your Presidents day weekend was and what fun things you did.

Be sure to check out The Colusa House Vacation Rental on their Facebook Page Here or book them now at or by calling (415) 265-0708.


Until next time,

Happy Adventures!

~Alissa Molder