Young Living


As a Young Living Independent Distributer I want to help give you the most bang for your buck while improving the health and wellness of you and your family.

In Young Living a little goes a long way. I want that beginning to start with you and that long way to end in every home everywhere.


Are you ready to start your journey to wellness? Click HERE to join Young Living and start supporting your body with non-toxic cleaners, non-toxic hair, oral, and facial care as well as non-toxic makeup and Essential Oils.

Want to learn more about Essential Oils? Check out my blog post talking about how Young Living is truly the best Essential Oil company out there. They prove in the nearly $300 of FREE product they give away to millions of members every month, how they pay to staff their charities so that every dollar donated goes right to those in need, and for constantly starting new relief efforts for those who have been apart of a major disaster, that they are a company that is here for a purpose and not here just to make a profit.  On top of this they have the purest Essential Oils on the market. Testing each and every batch of Essential Oils over 30 times to make sure that the oils they send out to you and me are the highest grade.

Like Makeup and want the best? Check out my post and take a closer look on what makes our Savvy Minerals so great. One of the best parts’s about it is that it is Gluten-Free! So if you’re Gluten Sensitive, this is the makeup for you! Savvy Minerals takes out all of the bad and adds in all of the good to best support your skin.

Does the smell of  harsh chemicals you use to clean your home made you sick? Me too. I stopped using toxic, chemical filled cleaning products in my home 3 years ago and I’ve never looked back. My home is cleaner, smells 100% better, and the kiddos and animals that come into my house are completely safe to play in every room in the house, including the parts I had cleaned just minutes before. Here is my post all out our Thieves Cleaning line and how it can improve your home.